Abresham Girls Football Club

A team, a community, and a sense of belonging

"AFC gives a Muslim girl, like myself, a chance to express my passion for sports in a way that other Muslims are often not able to."

Sana - AFC team member

Abresham FC was set up in 2021 by the Afghanistan and Central Asian Association, a charity dedicated to improving the lives of the Afghan and Central Asian communities. The aim of the club is to empower young Muslim girls by using sport as a way to improve confidence levels and teamwork skills. AFC received funding from Comic Relief, as well as support from fundraisers with Brentford FC. The club has grown hugely since starting, with over 65 girls signed up to bi-weekly training sessions in West London. 

ACAA is an organisation founded by Dr Nooralhaq Nasimi. Dr Nasimi fled Afghanistan with his wife and children to escape the Taliban. Since arriving in the UK, he has dedicated his life to helping other refugees, setting up the Afghanistan and Central Asian Association, which is now based in Hounslow. In 2021, alongside many other charity projects, Dr Nasimi founded Abresham FC. He saw the importance of sport and its ability to bring communities and people together, and decided that a girls' football club would give young Afghan and Muslim girls a chance to experience all the benefits of organised sports.


I reached out to ACAA after hearing about their girls football team and we discussed their desire to promote Abresham FC to young girls and their families across West London. We decided to produce a Premiere League style photoshoot to present the team in a way that represents the strength and determination of these young footballers and their coaches.


"Our football club is very important because for the first time this opportunity has been given to young Muslim girls."



The Abresham Girls Football Club is such a positive and progressive space for Afghan and Muslim girls to participate in sports and build strength from all of football's physical and mental well-being benefits. Beyond sport, being part of this team also recognises and caters for the participants' cultural and religious needs. AFC's team members often speak of feeling more connected to their community and being proud of their culture and identity. 


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