Before you get started please read the list below so you will be ready to engage with each week's project. All you will need to complete the projects ahead of you is access to a smartphone and an internet connection - but if you do have access to another kind of digital camera please go ahead and use it. I will also be publishing bonus content focussed on the basics of photo-editing, graphic design and video editing - so, if you have access to a computer, you will be able to download some free software and complete these projects too, if you choose to do so.



1. A smartphone or a digital camera

Each week's project is designed in a way that it can be completed with either a smartphone or a digital camera - so the first thing I would like you to do is make sure the camera settings are set to the highest quality/resolution. All phones have different capabilities so simply find out your smartphone/camera settings and become familiar with them. 

2. An internet connection

At the end of each week's project, you will need to upload your creative 'assets' [photos, text, and video] to the project folder. Details of this upload will appear at the end of each project brief. Everyone with access to the internet will have different upload/download speeds. If you have any problems uploading your images let us know and we will discuss a solution.

3. Between 1-2 hours each week

Each project is designed to take 1-2 hours to complete. Of course, you can take as much time as you want during the week to complete your project - at the same time we know that everyone is living a busy life with many other things to do - just do what you can, in the time that you have to make the best of each week's project.

4. Creative Spirit

Anyone can click a button and take a picture. That is not what we are doing on this project. Every time you take a photograph I want you to think about your creative intention as you attempt to capture a scene. Are you trying to be creative with you composition, the arrangement of elements in your frame, the lighting, the angle/perspective you have chosen or the area of focus - there are many things to consider when you are producing creative content, sometimes your choices will be subtle or simple, other times you might experiment and take risks. To simplify, in order to evolve your creative mind, ask yourself: Why, Where and How will I take this picture? Over the duration of this course you will learn how to answer those questions in many different ways - and start to develop your own techniques.