The Africa Advocacy Foundation empowers individuals to take control of their health and wellbeing through accurate information, advice, and guidance. AAF provides safe, judgment-free, and inclusive platforms for community members to discuss and engage in activities that promote healthy lifestyle choices. 


Award-Winning Community-Led Campaigns. 

I have been working with AAF for the last few years producing a diverse range of projects: conceptual photography for community campaigns; a mobile App for refugees with HIV/AIDS; a full digital package for AIDS awareness; and an ongoing user-generated program that is developing the storytelling skills of community members.


For all of these projects I work directly with the communities we are creating communications for - casting and recruiting support from the AAF staff and beneficiaries. Together we have produced creative assets that have helped AAF secure funding to support its crucial operations.


"The African Advocacy Foundation in London has greatly benefitted from the unique abilities of Alan Compton. As a result of one project alone, the ‘Unheard Voices’ campaign that Alan conceived of, photographed and entirely produced himself, we have raised £75,000 for sexual healthcare programs, £69,000 for community projects and a further £35,000 for victims of female genital mutilation (FGM). This is an incredible return on investment that is entirely due to the vision Alan brought to us.   


Alan’s innovative creative direction, and quite simply his unique way of thinking, has allowed us to develop relationships and life-saving projects with the largest HIV & AIDS foundations and supporting organizations around the world including the Elton John Foundation, the MAC AIDS fund, the London Majors office and many others.   


Alan has not only developed high-end campaign content for us, but he has also been instrumental in the development stages of a health care App and a web portal for European Union Health Care providers. His ability to plan and execute complex media campaigns is incredible, we are honored to work with him, and I know his work with non-profits has and will continue to impact the lives of many." 

Denis Onyango   |   Programmes Director