The Resource Alliance works globally to strengthen the social impact sector, by helping organizations of every size and type to develop the critical human, financial and intellectual resources necessary to build a better world. I spent 2 years building a library of creative content for The Resource Alliance including a series of short films made in India, Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia.


Celebrating Social Impact. 

The first project I produced for the Resource Alliance was a series of films celebrating the winners of the Social Impact Awards. I produced these films across Asia, shooting and editing on the road as a one-man crew. This journey finished in Bangkok where the films were screened at the International Fundraising Congress.


Following the success of IFC Asia, I was further commissioned to produce a library of creative assets to promote future IFC events around the world. This work took me back to India, Thailand, and Vietnam to work with social movements, environmental campaigns, and charities fighting poverty & child exploitation. 

"For more than 30-years, Resource Alliance has been the go-to resource for nonprofits and NGOs who are seeking to develop the knowledge, skills and partnerships necessary to resource their important missions. Over the past five years our organization has been undergoing a complete transformation as new digital technologies, new private-public sector partnerships, new social enterprises are revolutionizing how social impact can be resourced.   


We contracted with Alan Compton to develop a comprehensive body of film and photography to revamp the image of our website, all our collateral communications, and every event we hold around the world each year. In addition, he developed a series of films promoting small nonprofit organizations that have made a significant difference across Asia through their innovative approach to social impact. 


Alan’s work focused on organizations operating in India, Thailand, and Indonesia, revolutionizing the ability of each organization to raise critical funds and exposing them to a global audience of potential new funders and collaborators. Each of the organization’s executive directors has expressed to me personally that Alan’s work dramatically increased each organization’s ability to advocate and fundraise to much broader audiences."    

Kyla Morris Shawyer   |   Former CEO, Resource Alliance