SCCA brings together the leading research teams and cancer specialists of Fred Hutch, Seattle Children's, and UW Medicine. Working alongside creative strategist Bill Toliver, our mission was to pivot from the voice of an association of institutions towards a genuine human voice - that of the patients, nurses & doctors whose unscripted narratives crystalize the core values of SCCA.

“It is essential that SCCA have total trust in the individual we choose to capture and present highly sensitive narratives. We deal with individuals who have just received a cancer diagnosis, or who are going through exhaustive and punishing chemotherapy or stem cell transplants. Telling their story requires a truly unique individual. Alan Compton's extraordinary ability and unique skill set has made and continues to make a very special contribution to SCCA and, in turn, the people whose lives we fight to save."

Dr. Kathleen Shannon Dorcy PhD   |   Director of Clinical Research Education and Practice


Cross-platform campaigns. 

Seattle Cancer Care Alliance is a non-profit with limited marketing resources and a critical comms challenge - they needed a non-traditional creative agency that could deliver a complex range of creative services at a rate vastly lower than traditional agency models.

We produced comprehensive cross-platform campaigns with a minimal footprint production model that delivered content for broadcast, print, digital, social, out-of-home, and internal comms. And with sustainability in mind, we trained internal staff to improve their content producing skills.

Human-Centered Narratives. 


Our minimal footprint and the personal nature in which we work allowed us access to the private and professional lives of our subjects, resulting in intimate, relatable content with genuine soul. 

The campaigns we produced in collaboration with SCCA have reached audiences across the USA. Our digital advertising for brand and recruitment has driven web traffic to new highs and our educational content has delivered crucial resources that hadn't ever been previously realised.