Hello! My name is Alan Compton, I am a filmmaker and photographer based in the UK. I have visited India several times and have been working with Goonj for the last few years. I have been lucky to witness the Goonj community in action - the processing centres in Delhi and Rishikesh and rural development programs in Odisha. 

I only work with non-profit organisations. It is my job to help them tell their stories in order to raise awareness & funds, to educate and inspire - through film, photography and design. You can see some of my photography below and more here:

One of the most important things for an NGO to do is to communicate their message in the most genuine way possible. Whilst I love to produce film and photography for NGOs it is often the case that the best person to create these communication 'assets' - the pictures, the videos and the words that go with them - is you. No one can really understand or communicate the story of Goonj better than the people who live, work and collaborate within this community on a daily basis. 


So, through the 12 weeks of this program, I will share all of the knowledge I have - with you. And across the 12 diverse projects we will undertake together - you will grow as a creative member of the Goonj community - your stories, your pictures, video, the sounds and sights of your part of this world - these creative tools will help us tell the story of Goonj.

If you have any questions regarding this course or any of the projects we are working on you can contact me at: