The strength of our community is crucial to the work we do together and we want to create new bonds in our community by getting to know each other better - through your pictures, videos, and stories. 


Each week we will set a theme - and then you email us your pictures, videos, and words that explore that theme. We will share a selection of your stories on our social media platforms so we can learn from each other and be inspired by each other.


Over time these themes will allow us to share and explore issues that relate to the work we do, the lives we lead, and the challenges we face.


To help our community grow as storytellers we have asked award-winning photographer and filmmaker Alan Compton to serve as our creative mentor. Alan will curate the pictures, videos, and words that you upload and he will send out educational tips in a weekly emailer to help us learn more about photography and storytelling.

>>> During Covid-19 we will only be asking you to tell the story of how you are dealing with this challenging time of our lives. If you are actively working on relief work - tell us and show us what you are doing, if you are at home - please document your experience there. We ask you to take this opportunity to communicate with us in any way you like through your pictures, videos, and stories. See below for details  <<<




We are all dealing with Covid-19 in different ways, and we would like you to share your images, videos, and words to let us know how you are coping with this global challenge.

Please e-mail your pictures, video, and words to: and remember to add your name and a caption: the who, what, where and when of your images.

YOUR images can help us tell the story of Covid-19 in India. 

Project Deadline: Ongoing