Goonj recycles and repurposes excess urban household materials into a tool for rural development across 23 states in India. I have worked with Goonj for several years producing film, photography and user-generated projects to help raise awareness, funds, and unite the vast community that works across the nation to advance Goonj's vision and goals.


Along with Goonj founder Anshu Gupta I traveled across India, during multiple visits to the country, documenting urban and rural development projects as well as initiating and hosting an online 'Portal' designed to engage with thousands of members of the Goonj community.

The Goonj 'Portal' harnesses the power of user-generated content - a sustainable solution for this large organization to produce ongoing, genuine communications content. This is an initiative that is quickly building a vast team of digital content creators - producing storytelling and campaign materials that represent the real voice of Goonj.

"It was incredible to see how the skill, sensitivity and work ethic of one individual could transform our organization’s approach to communicating with hundreds of thousands of people - Mr. Compton has had a massive impact on us as people and as an organization.


Alan was instantly able to grasp the complexity and fragility of the issues we deal with and adapt his approach accordingly, relative to our culture, and find ways to extract the stories we desperately need to tell.


Alan‘s generosity extended to every element of his work, it is clear that his sole focus is to help people communicate, to showcase the heart and minds of people who need to be heard."   

Anshu Gupta   |   Founder of Goonj