Communicate & Connect.

The organizations I work with are incredibly diverse, but they are all looking for effective ways to communicate with an authentic, engaging voice. It is my job to listen and learn, to take risks and experiment - to use every project as an opportunity to develop new ways of creatively connecting with an audience.

Client: Seattle Cancer Care 

Location: Seattle, WA

Date: 2019

Services: Film, Photography, Print, Digital, Radio, OOH

Director: Alan Compton

Producer: Bill Toliver

Seattle Cancer Care Alliance

SCCA brings together the leading research teams and cancer specialists of Fred Hutch, Seattle Children's, and UW Medicine. Working alongside creative strategist Bill Toliver, our mission was to pivot from the voice of an association of institutions towards a genuine human voice - that of the patients, nurses & doctors whose unscripted narratives crystalize the core values of SCCA.

“It is essential that SCCA have total trust in the individual we choose to capture and present highly sensitive narratives. We deal with individuals who have just received a cancer diagnosis, or who are going through exhaustive and punishing chemotherapy or stem cell transplants. Telling their story requires a truly unique individual. Alan Compton's extraordinary ability and unique skill set has made and continues to make a very special contribution to SCCA and, in turn, the people whose lives we fight to save."

Dr. Kathleen Shannon Dorcy PhD   |   Seattle Cancer Care Alliance

Client: Pieta House

Location: Ireland

Date: 2018

Services: Film, Photography, Design

Director: Alan Compton

Producer: Louise Harding

Pieta House

Pieta House provides free counseling to those with suicidal ideation, those engaging in self-harm, and those bereaved by suicide. I was asked to produce broadcast TV, photography, and design assets to raise awareness of their crucial services and promote their flagship fundraiser Darkness Into Light. 

"Alan Compton’s extraordinary creative ability allowed us to capture the highly sensitive work carried out by Pieta House and our flagship fundraiser Darkness Into Light, producing film and photography campaigns that have had an outstanding impact on so many lives.  

 Alan’s unique, humanistic approach to working with the most vulnerable people in our society is something that cannot be replicated by any other creative director. Darkness into Light raised €6million in 2018 with over 200,000 people participating across the planet and Alan’s brilliant ability to tell a story through photography and film was central to the success of the campaign." 

Melanie Stanford   |   Head of Marketing & Communications

Client: Goonj

Location: India

Date: 2018

Services: Film, Photography, User-Generated

Director: Alan Compton

Producer: Louise Harding


Goonj recycles and repurposes excess urban household materials into a tool for rural development across 23 states in India. I have worked with Goonj for several years producing film, photography, and user-generated projects to help raise awareness, funds, and unite the vast community that works across the nation to advance Goonj's vision and goals.

"It was incredible to see how the skill, sensitivity, and work ethic of one individual could transform our organization’s approach to communicating with hundreds of thousands of people - Mr. Compton has had a massive impact on us as people and as an organization. Alan was instantly able to grasp the complexity and fragility of the issues we deal with and adapt his approach accordingly, relative to our culture, and find ways to extract the stories we desperately need to tell. Alan‘s generosity extended to every element of his work, it is clear that his sole focus is to help people communicate, to showcase the heart and minds of people who need to be heard."

Anshu Gupta   |   Founder of Goonj

Client: Africa Advocacy Foundation

Location: London

Date: Ongoing

Services: Photography, User-Generated, Webdesign

Director: Alan Compton

Producer: Louise Harding

Africa Advocacy


I have been working with AAF for the last 2 years producing a diverse range of projects: conceptual photography for community campaigns; a mobile App for refugees with HIV/AIDS; and a full digital package for AIDS awareness aimed at BAME communities.

"The African Advocacy Foundation in London has greatly benefitted from the unique abilities of Alan Compton. As a result of one project alone, the ‘Unheard Voices’ campaign that Alan conceived of, photographed and entirely produced himself, we have raised £75,000 for sexual healthcare programs, £69,000 for community projects, and a further £35,000 for victims of female genital mutilation (FGM). This is an incredible return on investment that is entirely due to the vision Alan brought to us."  

Denis Onyango   |   Programmes Director

Client: Landvernd

Location: Iceland

Date: 2017

Services: Film, Photography, 

Director: Alan Compton

Producer: Steinar Kaldal

The Highland Project

The Highland Project is an environmental initiative from director Darren Aronofsky, Björk, Iceland Nature Conservation Association (INCA) and Landvernd, the Icelandic Environment Association. I was asked to produce a documentary that illustrates the Icelandic people's connection to one of Europe's last and largest untouched wilderness.

“Alan Compton’s work for the Icelandic Environment Agency has been key to communicating the crucial conservation issues we are fighting for as we seek to protect Europe’s largest untouched wilderness - the central Highlands of Iceland. We now have the tools to communicate these issues from a human perspective thanks to Alan Compton’s unique, intuitive, and industrious approach. Without his input, we would never have seen the opportunity in front of us to reach an entire nation as well as an international one.”

Steinar Kaldal   |   Environment Minister for Iceland

Client: Resource Alliance

Location: India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand

Date: 2018

Services: Film, Photography, Print & Branding

Director: Alan Compton

Producer: Louise Harding

The Resource Alliance

The Resource Alliance works globally to strengthen the social impact sector, by helping organizations of every size and type to develop the critical human, financial and intellectual resources necessary to build a better world. I spent 2 years building a library of creative content for The Resource Alliance including a series of short films made in India, Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

"We contracted with Alan Compton to develop a comprehensive body of film and photography to revamp the image of our website, all our collateral communications, and every event we hold around the world each year. In addition, he developed a series of films promoting small nonprofit organizations that have made a significant difference across Asia through their innovative approach to social impact."  

Kyla Morris Shawyer   |   Former CEO, Resource Alliance

Client: Nerve Network

Location: Uganda

Date: 2018

Services: Film, Photography

Director: Alan Compton

Producer: Esther Kwaku

The Nerve Network

The Nerve Network helps people living in remote places and on very low incomes to start and grow their own businesses. I was invited by Nerve to visit multiple grass-roots organizations across Uganda to produce creative content that would support their causes.

Along with The Nerve Network's founder Esther Kwaku I spent 3 weeks in Uganda working on film and photography projects primarily focussed on the work of two grass-roots orgs. We worked with MADIPHA - who support people living with disability & HIV/AIDS and SNUPA who support people living with albinism. The work we produced has been used to build websites, raise awareness and funds for both of these orgs.

Client: Firefighters Charity

Location: UK

Date: 2018

Services: Photography

Director: Alan Compton

Producer: Louise Harding

The Firefighters Charity

The Firefighters Charity is the UK's leading provider of rehabilitation and support services for the fire and rescue community, including serving and retired firefighters, fire service personnel, and their dependents. I worked with firefighters in Gloustershire to produce creative assets for the charity's fundraising campaigns.

This is part of an ongoing project I am working on about emergency responders dealing with PTSD. Evidence indicates that the prevalence of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is substantially higher among first responders than the general population. On this project, I spent time with firefighter Mark Schofield. Mark's collaboration allowed us to produce a series of images that genuinely illustrated the challenges faced by first responders and the value of The Firefighters Charity's mental and physical rehabilitation services.

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