User-Generated Content. 

As much as I love to be in the field and on-location that is not always the most practical or sustainable way to produce creative communications for a client. 

I work with NGO staff, Social Impact Organisations, and the communities they serve, to develop bespoke user-generated programs designed to evolve internal content creating skills. 

The aim of these programs can vary relative to the needs of the organization - film production, storytelling & photography, confidence & community building, education, and awareness projects - all powered and co-created by communities who are actively committed to social and environmental development. 

User-Generated Content is an inherently empowering, human, and sustainable way for an organization to capture and communicate the essence of their work.


There is limitless potential when you believe and invest in the voice and imagination of the people you exist to serve.


With each user-generated project I work on, I gain a deeper appreciation for the talent pools that exist in any community. With even the most basic mentoring anyone can share their message, create their own content and be part of a virtual, global production that generates meaningful and impactful content.


The GOAL Mile film is a great example of digital content produced by a unified, global community - with contributors filming in Ireland, the home of the organization, and in Syria, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Honduras, and Haiti - the key areas of their humanitarian response work - all during the pandemic. 

The storytelling groups I have been running in India for the past year have also served as an example of how valuable user-generated content is - with such a diverse community coming together to capture and share frontline narratives of emergency response work and rural development projects.

On the surface, these groups are about creating authentic digital content - but every group has evolved into a platform that promotes confidence, human connection, and collectively, an exploration of the core issues faced by a community and organization.


photo by Dhrisya


photo by Sandeep


photo by Suresh

It has been an incredible experience to witness the participants in these User-Generated programs gain confidence as storytellers, start to develop and believe in a sense of what their voice is, and to see that they can play a valuable role in helping non-profits communicate - in the most authentic way possible.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of developing a User-Generated program for an NGO or Social Impact Organisation, please get in touch.