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I follow a lot of non-profits and social impact initiatives on Instagram and occasionally you see something and think - I’d love to do something to promote this project. When I saw pictures from a training session for Abraham FC I instantly got in touch and offered our services to promote their team and their philosophy. AFC is a football team that promotes the increased visibility of Muslim women and girls in sport. 

promoting inclusivity for muslim girls in sport.
promoting inclusivity for muslim girls in sport.

We proposed the idea of a campaign that looked like it came directly from a Premiere League marketing company, full of confidence, attitude and strength. To create a portrait of female Muslim football players that captured the heart and essence of this group and its intended impact on Muslim women and girls everywhere.

promoting inclusivity for muslim girls in sport.

During the shoot family members kept poking their heads into our makeshift studio space at the Afghan Community Center next to Heathrow airport. Before photographing each player I showed them images of famous football players on my laptop and told them that these were the kinds of poses I’d like to photograph. Every single player walked from the laptop, stood in front of the camera, and perfectly adopted their own version of these confident poses that ooze attitude and strength. The parents watched on as their daughters showed that they too are sporting idols, blazing a trail for youth to follow.

promoting inclusivity for muslim girls in sport.

This project celebrates the spirit and strength of these young women but also serves as a powerful reminder that diversity and inclusivity have a significant role to play in the world of sports. It serves as a poignant reminder that true change and empowerment begins with a vision and a commitment to challenge the status quo.



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