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I find it hard to contain my passion for photography. Still images can contain unimaginable depth and meaning. It is the medium best placed to capture the essence of any organisation. Like all creative mediums there is infinite opprotinty to to use photography to communiate. I don't ever repeat one particular photographic approach as every project deserves a unique perspective.

My approach to film is immersive. Moving images can break down the physical and emotional barriers that divide us. The role film can play in developing empathy, educating, and raising awareness is unparalleled. The relationship between motion and stills is unbreakable, which is why many of my projects have me constantly running back to my camera bag to switch from my stills camera to a cinema camera. 


Alan Compton Photography, Film, Design and Creative Direction
Alan Compton Photography, Film, Design and Creative Direction



On location in Tanzania 


I have always loved graphic design. When my father was made redundant in the early 90s he went back to college and enrolled in one of the first photoshop courses. As a result, photoshop was the first creative software I learned to use and rarely a day goes by that I do not spend time using it. And now with the incredible new AI tools, design is moving into an exciting new era.

Working as a creative director for non-profits gives me the opportunity to bring ideas, and a wide creative skill set to help support the communications challenges faced by my clients. From branding to content production, storytelling, and community engagement, the opportunity to help with the full spectrum of creative comms is a role that unites a wealth of experience. 

Creative Direction

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