Pieta House provides free counseling to those with suicidal ideation, those engaging in self-harm, and those bereaved by suicide. I was asked to produce broadcast TV, photography, and design assets to raise awareness of their crucial services and promote their flagship fundraiser Darkness Into Light. 


To produce this work I embedded myself in a small town north of Dublin and cast volunteers from the local community who were motivated by their own experiences with the issues Pieta deals with.

This community spirit grew the longer I worked on this project. 

The creative assets produced by this collaboration have been used to promote both Pieta and the Darkness Into Light annual fundraiser.

"Alan Compton’s extraordinary creative ability allowed us to capture the highly sensitive work carried out by Pieta House and our flagship fundraiser Darkness Into Light, producing film and photography campaigns that have had an outstanding impact on so many lives.  


Alan’s unique, humanistic approach to working with the most vulnerable people in our society is something that cannot be replicated by any other creative director.  


Darkness into Light raised €6million in 2018 with over 200,000 people participating across the planet and Alan’s brilliant ability to tell a story through photography and film was central to the success of the campaign." 

Melanie Stanford   |   Head of Marketing & Communications