Listen, Learn - Earnestly

Interpret & Create. 

I work with NGOs and Social Impact Organizations to produce innovative creative content that deals with sensitive subject matter - work that demands a unique, mindful, and collaborative approach.

Every organization has its own unique opportunities to creatively connect with and inspire their target audience and it is often my role, and responsibility, to discover and realize those opportunities - it is a job I am incredibly passionate about. 


Socially Conscious

Creative Content. 

I work with organizations in various, flexible roles relative to the needs of each client: sometimes serving as a creative director/creative agency -  developing and executing campaigns from start to finish; as a consultant - helping NGO staff to evolve as content creators and creative thinkers; as a mentor - developing user-generated courses and campaigns; or simply as a photographer, director & designer. 



I am incredibly thankful that my work allows me to develop genuine connections with inspiring individuals, non-profit founders, and the communities they work with. 

These relationships inspire me to continue searching for effective ways to creatively support their missions.


Experiment & Evolve. 

There are so many different ways for non-profits to creatively communicate - but it always starts with a conversation and a meeting of minds. I often find that my role is to help an NGO explore a new approach to storytelling. If you would like to discuss a project, big or small, please feel free to get in touch.

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