England, it’s better for me, I feel safer now.

Listen, Learn - Earnestly Interpret & Create.

Along with a team of trusted collaborators, I work with NGOs and Social Impact Organizations to produce innovative creative content that deals with sensitive subject matter - work that demands a unique, mindful, and collaborative approach.

Every organization has its own unique opportunities to creatively connect with and inspire their target audience and it is often my role, and responsibility, to discover and realize those opportunities - it is a job I am incredibly passionate about. 


In 2015, after more than a decade working in TV & Film, life events proved to be a catalyst that inspired me to work exclusively with ethical organizations and non-profits - and strive to produce work that has a genuine social impact. 

Since this shift in creative focus I have worked around the world with incredible people and projects covering a diverse but highly interconnected range of social and environmental issues including healthcare initiatives in Indonesia, Ghana, USA & Ireland; social movements & education in India; conservation in Iceland & Thailand; child slavery and exploitation in Vietnam; disability, AIDS & albinism in Uganda; philanthropy in Brazil; mental health & refugee action in the UK and Europe.

A humanistic & collaborative approach. 

I work with organizations in various, flexible roles relative to the needs of each client: sometimes serving as a creative director/agency; as a consultant - helping NGO staff to evolve as content creators and creative thinkers; as a mentor - developing user-generated courses and campaigns; or simply as a photographer, director & gfx designer. Regardless of the role, collaboration lies at the heart of every project.


I was awarded Portrait Photographer of the Year by the Paris Photo Prize for my work with the Africa Advocacy Foundation and received a SABRE Award for best use of photography in a public relations campaign for my work with the Nobody Left Outside initiative. My work has been exhibited and screened in London, Paris, Bangkok, and at the European Health Forum in Gastein, Austria.